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Secondary2 Electronics Kit

. Learn how to use a digital multimeter (provided) to measure current and voltage
. Find out about series and parallel circuits
. Build an AM radio
. Use sensors to switch on lights when darkness falls
. Build a rain sensor
. Make and test fuses  

Suitable for ages 11 to 14

The Secondary2 Kit covers Unit 7J (Electrical Circuits) of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and will also be useful in supporting Design and Technology at Key Stage 3. The kit includes 4 bulbs and bulb holders so that the effect of several lamps in series or parallel can be seen. A variable resistor and a digital multi meter are also included.

The manual includes Science National Curriculum worksheets covering Unit 7J (Electrical Circuits) and provides details of over 500 exciting experiments.
AM Radio
Water level Alarm
  Using the Multimeter  
Rain Alarm
  Secondary Kit Contents

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