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PRIMARY2 Electronics Kit

Primary2 Electronics Kit
. Learn about electric circuits
. Find out how to control the brightness of lamps
. Learn about and use different types of switches
. Experiment with an electric motor
. Experiment with conductors and insulators
. Learn about series and parallel circuits
. Find out about AND and OR gates
. Build a flying fan
. Produce electronic police and ambulance sirens

 Suitable for ages 8 to 11

The Primary2 kit is designed to teach children the basic principles of electrics and electronics in a fun way. The Primary kit is suitable for use in the classroom or the home. It covers the requirements of the Science National Curriculum at Key Stages 1 & 2 with links to Design and Technology and adds many extra exciting experiments for good measure!

How do the parts fit together? All the parts fit together with press-studs on a baseboard. Very little skill is required to assemble the components so making the kit suitable for all abilities.

What instructions are provided? The manual contains all the National Curriculum worksheets covering Key Stage 1 and 2 Science at levels 2F, 4F and 6G, complete with teacher/parent notes, it also shows all the circuits that can be built with the kit.

Lamps in Parallel
Lamps in Series
Flying Fan
Sound Module
Using the Magnetic Switch
Primary Kit

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